About Alberta TSCM

Alberta TSCM is a subsidiary of Alberta Group, providing a thorough evaluation and survey of facilities such as offices, buildings, vehicles and yachts by technical specialists through visual, electronic and physical searches to detect covert eavesdropping devices (also known as bugs) and identifying security weaknesses. Alberta Group is a global provider of total solutions which has excelled in all aspects of its ventures and endeavours achieving certification in quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Alberta’s main goal in the security field is to find alternative measures to protect and safeguard the interests of its clients and society at large, especially since over recent years the world has seen a substantial increase in theft of information which allows rivals to gain the competitive edge by gaining access to sensitive information. Their motivation may range from industrial espionage to vandalism to revenge or may even be part of organised crime. This could lead to loss of intellectual property, disclosure of sensitive information, loss of reputation and compromised privacy.

Alberta TSCM is underpinned by years of experience, knowledge and wisdom gained through years of evolving and adapting to the ever-changing world of crime, guaranteeing flexibility, responsiveness and support which coupled with its high end technical surveillance equipment investment, would give the necessary peace of mind to all concerned about their sensitive and confidential information being exposed to third parties.

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