What is TSCM?

TSCM is an acronym originated by the United States Federal government that stands for Technical Surveillance Counter Measures which denotes the process of bug-sweeping or electronic counter surveillance.

How data is captured?

Information (data, video or voice) may be obtained/intercepted by means of special equipment easily available on the market, mainly through radio waves as well as recording & tapping devices to name a few.

Who is at risk?

Anyone can be a target however some people are under greater risk than others especially if one is subjected to information which could increase someone else’s authority or wealth.

High Risk Political Situations (e.g. election campaigns, embassies, government entities etc...)

High Risk Business Situations (e.g. lawsuits, layoffs, union activities etc...)

High Risk Personal Situations (e.g. separation, divorce, litigation, upper income bracket etc...)

High Risk Occupation (e.g. judge, police officer, attorney, directors etc...)

Typical Warning signs

  • Is your phone scratched in anyway?
  • Do you hear noises coming from the head set when you hang up?
  • Do you receive calls but no answers and instead you hear beeps and tones?
  • Are you noticing a strange interference in your AM/FM radio or Television?
  • Is your car radio acting weirdly?
  • Did you notice any misplacement of objects or debris on the floor?
  • Have you noticed a dime-size discolouring of your wall or ceiling or did you see a small bump under adhesive materials?

What is your next step should you discover you have been bugged?

Remain calm and do not panic. Contact Alberta TSCM, who specializes in counter surveillance measures, either:

  • By email – One must only ask for an appointment and not put down any details in writing. Service Request
  • By phone – No personal or work phones must be used, make your way to a telephone box. Contact Us

Remember that eavesdroppers might have targeted voice communications and/or computers

Salient points of what NOT to do if you feel you have been compromised:

  1. Do not carry out the inspection yourself if you are not well prepared or trained;
  2. Do not engage private investigators, they might be the same company commissioned to eavesdrop on you;
  3. Do not buy spy detectors as some are scams or worthless.

What type of service do we offer?

Our core competencies have been enriched through years of experience and close working relations with our clients. We ensure that the service we offer is delivered efficiently and expediently. Alberta TSCM offers the following:

  1. Security Risk Assessment
  2. Debugging is carried out by our technical expertises
  3. Support and training to all end customers wishing to purchase equipment
  4. Close protection

What are the Payment Terms?

Payment Terms are to be agreed upon during our meetings or thereafter, however, expenses related to a bug sweep fall within the region of €200 to €800, depending on the size of the room.