Support & Training


Do you still fear being victim of espionage?

Alberta TSCM provides support to all its esteemed clientele on products purchased to intercept radio frequencies and detect surveillance devices. Our specialised workforce, who has been trained by highly-competent instructors, is the key to our success and will continue to strive for excellence by helping our employees to achieve their full potential.


Awareness Briefings

Educating yourselves and your employees about Espionage and its consequences reduces the risk of being victimized by third parties (rivals, competitors, political opponents, enemies etc...) whose sole intention is to jeopardise your integrity in such a dynamic community. If employees are made aware about what their organisation holds valuable and understand what needs to be protected, they can better safeguard the company’s intelligence from people with malicious intent. Intellectual property, trade secrets and computer information, to name a few, have become the driven force of most individuals and criminals whose focus has been shifted from physical assets. Hence, all type of businesses, especially those with high-value intellectual property should understand the risks they are facing. Our awareness briefings are customised according to the different levels of staff. We ensure that employees are provided with practical information and guidance including demonstrations of modern eavesdropping and espionage methods.

These briefings will address

  1. Espionage consequences;
  2. How it is conducted and by whom;
  3. Counter measures to protect your intelligence against espionage/eavesdroppers.

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