Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Theft of information is a means to an end, irrespective of its consequences

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), which is also known as debugging, is carried out by technical experts engaged to electronically and physically perform searches in specific rooms prior to high level meetings being held, or as a regular, periodic security measure, in order to detect the presence of eavesdropping devices or frequencies. This service is likewise extended to commercial and personal vehicles as well as yachts, since it is almost certain that if someone considers bugging your office or home they might well also eavesdrop on your conversations while you are using transportation.

Our TSCM services are customised according to the client’s explicit requirements and circumstances, assisting in securing precious assets and intelligence from all forms of hazardous devices.

Our specialised personnel have been trained and accredited by professional companies in this sector to detect and intercept bugs, frequencies, hidden cameras and other hostile devices by using sophisticated tools and techniques which allow us to efficiently and expediently remove or eliminate all forms of bugging devices. Alberta TSCM services can and does locate and eradicate such devices in a discreet and secure manner, retaining confidentiality at all times.

A detailed report will be submitted to the client after the sweep is concluded. This report will also include recommendations for the implementation of work best practices related to TSCM.

Theft of information is exceedingly dangerous and can ruin a business, tarnish one’s integrity and ruin an otherwise unblemished reputation. We therefore recommend professional advice and services to fully secure intellectual and proprietary business information by eliminating potential risks of exposing confidential data that could be used maliciously by third parties with malevolent motives.