Artemis Advanced

Artemis Advanced quickly gives you confidence you are safe

Artemis Advanced is the very latest example in Audiotel International’s long history of innovation in powerful, multi-channel Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) technology. Optimised for locating external ground targets, surface or buried, it can also be used for internal searches of meeting rooms, offices and public areas.

Artemis Advanced integrates both NLJD technology and metal detection capability to enable fast, accurate discrimination between malicious and naturally occurring targets. This coupled with the ability to pinpoint a threat even when it is turned off, makes it the ultimate search solution.

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  • Ideal for external ground search for surface and buried threats in a variety of substrates
  • Can be used for internal searching of floors, walls, ceilings and other areas of concealment such as furniture, soft furnishings such as curtains and clothing
  • Ideal for use in meeting rooms, offices and any public areas
  • Securing against fixed and remote controlled electronic devices
  • Used to search for contraband items

Key Features

  • Detects electronic devices regardless of their state; active, dormant or switched off
  • High output power to increase target detection and penetration into different substrates
  • Integrated metal detector for detection of screened electronic devices and buried monolithic metallic structure
  • Easy to use for quick deployment
  • Audio and/or visual warning of threats
  • Extendable search head reaches up to 1.4 m
  • Uses Digital Signal Processing (DSP) techniques for accurate scanning
  • Compact and ergonomically designed unit
  • Long battery life with optional extra battery
  • Patent applied technology



Transmit Frequency
867MMHz to 872MHz
Frequency Channels
Transmit Resolution
Transmit Power
Variable, +10dBm to +40dBm
Transmit Antenna
Circularly polarised patch, 4dBi


Receiver Frequency
1734MHz to 1744MHz, 2nd harmonic 2601MHz to 2616MHz, 3rd harmonic
-130dBm (both harmonics)
Receive Antennae
Circularly polarised patches, 3dBi

Unit MMI

2.4”Colour LCD, bar graphs
Integral loudspeaker, headphone output, geiger click


Removable Li-Ion battery pack, approx. 5 hours continuous use


Unit Size
800mm x 320mm x 52mm
Search Head Size
280mm x 245mm x 95mm
Overall Weight
Approx. 4.9kg