Casino Guard Lite

Intelligently countering technical advantage gaming

Casino Guard Lite is a revolution in countering technical advantage gaming. The system operates by scanning radio signals close to protected tables or gaming and public areas, giving 24/7 piece of mind. With the ability to discriminate between safe and threatening signals, an alert will automatically be sent to security teams if a potential threat is detected for immediate action.

Its compact design means it can easily be hidden under any gaming table, providing real-time protection from active threats as well as transmissions from store and forward devices. Casino Guard Lite offers the highest level of table protection available. Easily and effectively deployed with minimal training for users.

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  • Protecting tables, gaming and public areas
  • Multiple table security from a central location
  • Comprehensive protection against RF eavesdropping
  • Real time monitoring
  • 24/7 protection
  • Essential part of your security solutions

Key Features

  • Accurately locates malicious signals to individual tables
  • Discriminating between safe and threatening signals
  • Controlled from a central location
  • Facility to store scanned data for rapid review
  • Detection and analysis of RF analogue and digital transmissions
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Multi-layer software for different user abilities


Technical Specifications

Frequency Range
up to 8GHz
Dynamic range
Dedicated channels
ConīŦgurable up to 16 channels
Scan rate
80kS per channel per second
Signal identiication
GSM, 3G, DECT, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Video
Detection footprint
2m around the sensor


RJ45, Ethernet
Power External
2.5mm DC input or PoE
236mm x 121mm x 28.5mm