SuperBroom Advanced

Effectively locate concealed electronic devices

The new SB range is our latest advance in light weight powerful Non Linear Junction Detector (NLJD) technology.

A versatile device which incorporates the best elements from our 35 years of developing NLJDs. SB is available in a range of output powers 2W, 4W and 10W. An EOD variant is also available, which incorporates a metal detector for increased target detection and discrimination.

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  • Used for detecting hidden electronic devices in buildings, offices, homes, cars and many other environments
  • Can be used to search floors, walls, ceilings and other areas of concealment including furniture, soft furnishings, curtains and clothing
  • Use SB before meetings to check for illicit transmitters/recorders
  • NJDS are well suited for EOD and Counter Terror applications
  • Used to search for contraband items in prisons and correctional facilities
  • Customers include: Police, prisons, defence forces, corporate organizations, blue chip companies, sweep teams, private investigators and security firms

Key Features

  • Detects electronic devices when active, dormant or switched off
  • Controllable output power to meet a range of target threats
  • Integrated metal detector available
  • Easy to use for quick deployment
  • Audio and/or visual warning of threats
  • Extendable search head reaches up to 1 metre
  • Compact and ergonomically designed unit
  • Long battery life with optional extra battery
  • Proven output frequency for maximising detection of modern threats



Transmit Frequency
867MMHz to 872MHz
Transmit Channels
Transit Resolution
SB-2: 2W (33dBm), SB-4: 4W (36dBm), SB-10: 10W (40dBm), SB-EOD: 10W (40dBm)
Trans Power Modulation
Transmit Antenna
Circularly polarised patch, 4dBi


Rec Freq / Sensitivity / Antennae
1734MHz to 1744MHz, 2nd harmonic 2601MHz to 2616MHz, 3rd harmonic -130dBm (both harmonics) Circularly polarised patches, 3dBi

Metal Detector (Standard on SB-EOD)

CW, induction balance
Target Detection
All metals including aluminium foil

Unit MMI

2.4" Colour LCD, bar graphs
Integral Loudspeaker, headphone output, Geiger click


Removable Li-Ion battery pack 10W and EOD version - 5 hours usage 4W version in excess of 8 hours usage 2W versions in excess of 12 hours usage


Unit Size
20 x 23cm
Search Head (NLJD) size
22 x 17cm
Search Head (NLJD & MD)
28 x 16cm
Overall Weight
Approx 3.5kg