Versatile weight dispersal system

As the number of threats the modern day soldier faces increase, so does the equipment they carry to protect them. The unique UHS2 – Weight Dispersal System has been designed specifically to combat the burden of the increased load.

The versatile design of UHS2 makes it compatible with NATO style Enhanced Combat Body Armour, utilising the universal MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system.

The UHS2 consists of a back plate to be fitted to the body armour, with removable boom to position equipment exactly where it is required. The UHS2 is operator friendly incorporating quick release mechanisms to rapidly distance the operator from his/her equipment.

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  • The UHS2 has been designed with modern day Ground Search Detectors. UHS2 can lighten the effective load, reducing the effective weight to a 1/3rd of the original dead weight.
  • UHS2 could be used for other equipment that needs to be carried for long durations.

Key Features

  • Designed in conjunction with the MOLLE system
  • Course adjustment at the rear and fine adjustment on the boom
  • Interchangeable for left and right hand operation
  • Adjustable and quick release straps
  • Freely rotating boom maintains a uniform, sweep height above the ground, reducing missed devices
  • Extends the sweep arch by approx. 15%
  • Does not hinder additional load carrying systems (Bergans/Daysacks)
  • Optional Training Harness that can be supplied in a range of colour or camouflage options



Extendable from 250mm to 530mm
Training Harness
One size with adjustable waist, chest and shoulder adjustment


Back plate
(H) 260mm x (W) 260mm lightweight aluminium
(L) 400mm x (H) 270mm less strap attachments