Video Guard

Countering the threat of video advantage gaming

As technology becomes more sophisticated and cheaper, video surveillance techniques are becoming a more prevalent threat in casinos worldwide. Video Guard is the first ever centralised, multi-sensor wireless video protection counter measure. The system operates with sensors scanning and discriminating between safe and threatening signals, with an alert automatically sent to security teams if a potential threat is detected for immediate action.

Video Guard easily incorporates into your existing security measures, providing real-time protection. Video Guard is an essential part of your security system combatting modern day threats, it is quick to deploy and easy to use with minimal training.

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  • Detecting wireless video transmission
  • Protection from active threats – real time protection
  • Securing casinos, meeting rooms, office and public areas
  • Multiple table/room security from a central location
  • Comprehensive protection against video devices
  • Real time monitoring
  • 24/7 protection
  • Essential part of Casino security solutions

Key Features

  • Multiple sensors can be used to triangulate a suspicious signal
  • Integrated, dedicated sensors to optimise detection of suspicious signals
  • Facility to store scanned data for rapid review
  • Multi sensor option
  • Detection and analysis of wireless cameras
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Multi-layer software for different user abilities


Technical Specifications

Frequency range
900MHz to 2700MHz
Demodulation format
Automatic, PAL or NTSC
Detection range type
>30m to standard wireless video camera
Scan rate
approx. 4 seconds


250mm x 100mm
RJ45, Ethernet for colour video egress and control and Power over Ethernet (PoE)