TSCM Risk Assessment


Security strategy development is one of the core pillars for a business company to succeed since its objective is to reduce any form of threat inflicted by third parties whose main aim is to take advantage of your security weaknesses to enhance their status quo.

It is of paramount importance that each business identifies its security weaknesses to ensure that its information is well protected and employing the necessary countermeasures that outweigh any potential risks the company may be facing.

A security strategy review is necessary to assess current processes and policies with a view of taking a holistic approach to augment the overall objectives of the company.

Alberta TSCM will assist you in implementing the best work practices that safeguard your assets, profit reputation through a methodical risk assessment whereby its scope is:

  1. To attain greater awareness of your company’s challenges and vulnerabilities;
  2. To review your current strategy, policies and procedures to recommend security upgrades for indispensable areas;
  3. To delineate an action plan which we can help you implement the necessary preventative measures.

Our strategic approach ensures that customers understand the threats the company is being burdened with, whereas our bug sweep policies and procedures ascertain that the company’s business reputation and information remains intact.

Bug Sweep

Bug Sweep

Alberta TSCM technical specialists have extensive capabilities and expertise to carry out a thorough search of the area in question for any implanted bugs. Any one exposed to sensitive and confidential information is subject to be victim of espionage. Any individual who seeks information to exploit for his/her own benefits, particularly to enhance the status quo, is adamant to augment his/her intelligence from any source which the individual deems fit.

Such eavesdropping devices are typically implanted where highly significant conversations take place, that is, conference rooms/boardroom, telephone systems, vehicles, yachts and residential property. Bugs in cars can be fitted in your car in a matter of minutes without having the need to gain access to your car. Eavesdropper will not only have the opportunity to record your conversations but also to track record your movements.

Indeed today’s covert tracking devices are armed with microphones to listen and record conversations in a vehicle. Furthermore, a trained agent, being a con actor, can easily access your residential property and yacht and install listening and video devices within minutes.

Alberta TSCM has all it takes to scan, locate and eradicate such devices, discreetly and professionally while maintaining confidentiality at all times.

Electronic Countermeasure Tools

Electronic Countermeasure Tools

In collaboration with a UK leading provider, we extend our service to our clientele by offering them the opportunity to buy our sophisticated tools that detect radio frequencies and eavesdropping devices with a view to protect their Intellectual Property. WE have a comprehensive range of counter measure solutions: view our products.

Close Protection

Close Protection

There are circumstances when close protection is fundamental. In collaboration with a professional local company, we assist our clients in the preparation of their forthcoming event by carrying out risk assessments which would include travelling/transportation plans and screening of venues to mention a few. Contingency plans are also discussed and evaluated before each service is carried out. We ensure that the course of events runs smoothly, irrespective of the level of security required. All preparations are discussed with persons concerned well ahead in order to provide them with professional close protection services.